Knick'n'clean Hygiene Stick

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What is Knick’n’Clean Ingredients?

Knick’n’Clean provides hygiene in the environment it is present in after activation. It is a Chlorine Dioxide-based hygiene product recommended by the WHO for the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Use Knick’nclean?

The Knick’n’Clean hygiene stick needs to be bent to break the glass tube, and once the breaking sound is heard, it is shaken for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the active ingredients inside the stick to mix together. After the mixture turns YELLOW, indicating interaction, it is left at room temperature for 1 hour for the activated product to be ready for use. The activated Knick’n’Clean is now ready for use and the liquid inside the stick starts to disperse into the environment as a gas, providing hygiene in that specific area. It remains effective for approximately 45-60 days in cold areas and 15-20 days at room temperature for an area of 10-15 m2.

Warnings for Knick’n’Clean

  1. Store and use Knick’n’Clean in a place where children cannot reach.

  2. The plastic tube should not be damaged.

  3. In case of physical contact with the liquid (HAND – EYE), seek immediate medical attention.

  4. The liquid in the tube should be replaced with a new one after it becomes transparent in color.

Usage Areas


It is suitable for daily use in creating a hygienic environment for items such as handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, school bags, and suitcases.


Knick'n'Clean is also used in vehicles to ensure hygiene in the interior environment. It is an effective solution for maintaining vehicle interior hygiene in daily activities.


It has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It does not harm food stored in the refrigerator in any way. It extends the shelf life of fresh vegetables and fruits. All you need to do is hang or place it in the most suitable area inside the refrigerator.


Knick'n'Clean, providing a hygienic environment in clothing and shoe closets, as well as kitchen cabinets, is the most effective solution. With an average lifespan of 15-20 days, it is effective in an area of 10-15 m2.


Knick'n'Clean can be used in offices and workplaces with the same features and characteristics as it is used at home. It can effectively be used in reception areas, common gathering spaces, dining halls, restrooms, elevators, kitchen areas, and kitchen cabinets to provide protection. Knick'n'Clean plays an important role in creating safer working environments and promotes the overall safety of the workspace.


Gyms, including common areas such as changing rooms, showers, and other facilities. Knick'n'Clean with its active substance helps maintain the hygiene of these challenging areas by spreading its effective ingredients, creating a healthier environment. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the hygiene of shared exercise equipment like treadmills, bicycles, and weights, as well as promoting overall cleanliness and safety in sports facilities.

Advantages of Knick’n’clean®

  • Your food stays fresher for a longer period in your refrigerator.

  • It leads to economic savings.

  • It prevents unpleasant odors in your refrigerator.

  • Disinfection is achieved throughout the refrigerator, thereby eliminating 99.9% of certain microbes and bacteria. Refrigerators consume less energy to keep food fresh at a temperature of 7-8ºC, resulting in reduced environmental pollution.

  • Harmful microbes and pathogens are effectively eliminated. CO2 emissions and environmental pollution are reduced by approximately 10%.

  • There is no use of harsh chemicals. It provides easy use.

    With Knick’n’Clean, you can make hygiene a permanent aspect of all living spaces.

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