Sterimobil Disinfection Application


Sterimobil Disinfection Application

We are going through the era of a pandemic. This century can also be defined as the century of precautions.

The foundations laid in the early 1900s and shaped over 100 years brought forth the largest-scale outbreaks in 2019.

Covid-19, which affected nearly everyone’s lives and caused loss of life and devastation, emerged as a global pandemic, making it the largest outbreak the world has ever experienced.

Previous outbreaks were generally limited to specific regions and could be contained through intervention. However, Covid-19, which is transmitted through the air and does not tolerate even the slightest contact, forced us to reevaluate what we knew about pandemics.

We now unanimously agree that our environment needs to be permanently sterile.

For a continuously sterile environment, Sterimobil is the solution

We developed the Sterimobil disinfection application during the times when Covid-19 played an active role in our lives. Due to its comprehensive nature and effective results, the application has continued to be actively used.

The need for a disinfected environment is increasing day by day in today’s conditions. With Sterimobil, we have the chance to meet this need effectively and quickly.

We are aware that a sterile environment is non-negotiable in public areas where multiple people need to be present.

Not only are diseases contagious, but they also have long-lasting effects. In this period when viruses are getting stronger, we have made Sterimobil a part of our lives to provide a sense of safety with the most effective and environmentally friendly method.

You can trust Sterimobil for the disinfection of your living spaces.

Disinfection Procedures with Chemya Assurance

As Chemya® Inc., we aim to ensure a healthy living environment in every setting where viruses and harmful bacteria are present.

This is made possible and achievable with Chlorine Dioxide.

For this purpose, our expert teams and state-of-the-art application devices provide the Sterimobil disinfection service. We produce Chemya® Chlorine Dioxide ourselves and actively participate in every step of the production-to-application process.

This product offers the most effective and reliable environment for both indoor and outdoor applications.

To obtain detailed information and experience the application, please contact our expert team immediately.